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Remote sessions


Sessions are available remotely so you can experience the benefits of the Tachyon Healing Chamber in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for people who do not live within easy traveling distance or who may have difficulty accessing the chamber due to mobility or health issues.

How does it work?

Instead of lying on the bed in the chamber physically, we will place a full-length photograph of you with your name, birth date and place of residence on the bed at the time of your appointment. This will provide a link between you and the Tachyon Healing Chamber.


At the start of your remote session, we will contact you to go over the process and any questions you may have. Then at your end, you lie down on your bed/couch (somewhere you won't be disturbed) and hold the palms of your hands open to receive the tachyon energy. The chamber strongly amplifies your desired intentions, so state these aloud at the start. Or you can ask for whatever is most beneficial for you at this time or simply just relax.

Once the sessions has finished after 30 minutes, some people just stay relaxed in the energy. We will give you a call about 10 minutes after that to see how your session went and for any questions you might have.


The body is assisted in a gentle detoxification during the process so drink plenty of water in the days afterwards. You may feel a bit spacey after your session or find you are very energised. You may feel an immediate reduction in pain, or any pain you have may intensify for a short period and then dissipate. Each person has a very individual experience.

The benefits of the Tachyon Healing Chamber has a cumulative effect and a minimum of five sessions is recommended for the best results, often these are scheduled once a week. The amount of sessions required initially depends on your individual needs and maintenance sessions are beneficial after that. See Planning your sessions.

Booking your remote session

1. Go to the Shop and pay for your remote session. There are two options - an individual session for $70 if you want to try it out or a series of five sessions discounted to $290 when pre-paid.*

2. Then go to the Contact page and fill in the form, including your date of birth and place of residence in the Message field, and upload a recent, full-length photograph of yourself.**

Once we have received your payment, information and photograph, we will contact you to arrange a time for your first session.

* There is no time limit on when the series of 5 sessions need to be used. No shipping is required.

** Photograph requirements: please ensure there are no other people and/or pets in the photograph, that you are fully facing the camera, are not wearing a hat or sunglasses, and there is some space below you in the photo. 


Our puppy lay down beside me and went to sleep which was amazing, like she needed to be there too. It was easy to go into a meditative state, whereas I have been unable to meditate lately. I concentrated on my throat chakra. Then it felt like both my hands were lifted up and placed on my solar plexus. The session felt very peaceful, and I fell asleep at the end. I found the session very physical compared to my in-person sessions in the chamber which were more subtle and on a deeper level.

Jackie, Christchurch

It started straight away and I was surprised how intense the session was compared to my last session in the chamber. I noticed that the noise outside was dampened down. The session felt different. I felt lighter, almost as if I was floating.

Monika, Paraparaumu


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