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Cost & Session Information

Single session - $70

Series of five sessions discounted when pre-paid - $290 (a saving of $60)

Your appointment is for an hour: 15 minutes for preparation and any questions you  might have, 30 minutes in the chamber, and 15 minutes to have a sit down and some filtered water and for any questions after the session. Only one person can go into the chamber per session. Please note EFTPOS is available and payment is required at the time of the appointment.

Before the session

Wear comfortable clothing and you will need to take off your shoes. No electronic devices are allowed in the chamber so anything that emits a signal (your phone, keys, watch, tracking device) must be removed. Absolutely no photography is allowed. Any crystals (except Cintamani stones), jewellery, watches, big belt buckles and change in your pockets are also not allowed in the chamber. We will provide you with a basket to put your things in or you can secure them in your car.

You will need to be flexible and strong enough to get in and out of the chamber by yourself but if you have mobility issues we can assist you to a certain extent.

During the session

The chamber strongly amplifies any desired manifestations/wishes, so state your desired intention(s) for the session (aloud or to yourself) at the start. Or you can ask for whatever is most beneficial for you at this time or simply just relax. You may feel warmth and sometimes some prickliness; some people just go to sleep. The chamber is heated and there is a blanket if needed.

The session in the chamber is for 30 minutes. We will wake you if need be when your time is up, so you can just relax.


After the session

You may feel a little dizzy after you sit up so take your time to stand up slowly and let us know if you have any vertigo issues. We encourage you to have a sit down once outside the chamber and have several glasses of our filtered water to ground yourself. The body is assisted in a gentle detoxification in the chamber so drink plenty of water in the days after.

You may a bit spacey after your session or find you feel very energised; some people have found that they cannot sleep after the first few sessions. Any pain you have may intensify for a short period and then dissipate, or you may feel an immediate reduction in pain. Each person has a very individual experience.

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