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Benefits of tachyon energy

Based on the reports of people who have used the chamber, the different benefits of using the Tachyon Healing Chamber are:

Re-balancing of all energy fields

Tachyon energy harmonises and re-balances the body on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and re-balances the chakras.

Accelerated healing & recovery from physical ailments

Tachyon energy has the potential to expediate your recovery from injury, illness or surgery facilitating faster recovery time and reduced pain levels. It supports people suffering from pain associated with chronic conditions, like cancer, old injuries, arthritis, etc and some people report that the pain they have been experiencing has reduced significantly after their session.

Emotional re-balancing & stress relief

Tachyon energy improves psychological symptoms like fear, grief, anxiety, panic and anger, helps to drop all resistance to being in a healing state, and promotes a positive desire to heal.

Spiritual guidance & raised vibration

A session in the chamber has the potential to raise the vibrational frequency of the person, open the path to higher states of consciousness, allows people to gain spiritual insights, and have profound spiritual experiences.

EMF interference is cleared

Tachyon energy harmonises harmful EMF in the body and aura field. It brings in negative ions needed for healthy function.

Mental fields are cleared

Tachyon energy has the potential to improve memory and concentration, allow deep relaxation to occur, and some people report that they have more restful sleep afterwards.


Every individual is different and has a unique experience in the chamber. Some people notice immediate effects and for others it is gradual process of more subtle changes. Tachyon energy does not provide instant, direct results in regard to specific ailments, it brings your energy fields into alignment so that there is overall faster healing of problem areas and gradually connects the person back to universal source.

This technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor for medical advice and information.

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