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Bach Flower Remedies

Do you find that Rescue Remedy isn’t working for you anymore?

This usually means that the shock or anxiety of the initial situation has passed and you would benefit from a different combination of Bach flower remedies. There are 38 different flower essences.


A consultation to determine which Bach flower remedies you need takes about 40 minutes and costs $60 (if it's a phone consultation shipping the treatment bottle to you will be extra).

Our state of mind plays an important role in the cause and cure of ailments. Bach flowers remedies work on the energy level, rather than the physical. Once the person feels better emotionally then this can influence their physical symptoms.

Each Bach flower embodies a certain soul quality or particular energy wavelength. They encourage inner change, and help us accept and work through those traits and emotions that are causing us problems. They are a gentle way to regain balance and  harmony.

It is amazing how Bach flower remedies can gently lift emotional layers and help people with anxiety, fears, uncertainties, disharmony, etc. They are safe and natural and are great for adults, children and pets.


Butterfly on some pink flowers

There is also a specific combination available for sleep problems called Sleep Rescue.

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