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Planning your sessions


The benefits of the Tachyon Healing Chamber has a cumulative effect and a minimum of five sessions is recommended for the best results. Multiple series of sessions may be required for deep seated issues.

The effects of the treatment can continue for several days so often people like to book in on the same day each week or have two appointments each week for several weeks. This helps the body adjust to the new energy. How sessions are scheduled is dependent on the individual and their circumstances.

Maintenance/on-going sessions

Once you have had your first series of 5 sessions, you can either have longer intervals between sessions, eg, an appointment every 2 or 3 weeks, or have a break for 2-3 weeks and then do another series of 5 weekly sessions. As the effects of the treatment are cumulative, the gradual changes in their well-being often take people by surprise. The chamber increases the vibrational frequency of the person and many clients experience deep relaxation and a  feeling of profound peace as well as guidance on their spiritual journey.

Deep seated issues

If you have on-going or deep seated issues, you are likely to need more than one series of five sessions. As tachyon energy can expedite and stimulate the body's innate ability to heal itself, it can accelerate recovery from illness, injury or surgery and a reduction in pain levels. The Tachyon Healing Chamber offers a unique way to balance and harmonise all your energy fields so it makes no difference whether the imbalances are on an emotional, physical, spiritual or mental level. You may find emotional issues improve first as this is necessary for other physical symptoms to be dislodged. Tachyon energy seeks to balance your whole system.

Condensed schedule for travellers 

If you need to condense the sessions into a short space of time, for example, over several days, then it is recommended that you do no more than two sessions in one day with 4 hours between the sessions. This needs to be specifically booked to ensure the chamber is available. Please get in touch for more information if you are interested in this.

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