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I have had several sessions in the chamber over a period of months. Apart from the bliss of being in the chamber, the main thing I've noticed is that a skin condition which has been present for some years, despite homeopathic and other treatments, has gradually cleared up - so gradually I hardly noticed.

Andrea, Lower Hutt

The five sessions I have had at the Tachyon chamber are worth your time and money. I had questions and asked for help and advice around healing my inner child, eating habits, physical pains, raising my frequencies and more.


After arriving at the location, there is time to settle before you enter the chamber. It is a welcoming and different place, and the chamber guardian is lovely. The moment I was alone in the room and laid down, I asked my questions and centred myself. I felt tingling and pressure on parts of my body and head during every session. Afterwards I was tired, so it is good to do it on days you have some freedom from life.


After a few days of integrating these high frequencies, I felt easing of pains I used to have, answers I wanted came automatically on my path and a general clarity on issues happened. It has been a very good experience and if I feel the need to go for more sessions, I will.

Satnayama, Lower Hutt

I have recently had the pleasure of experiencing the beautiful healing energy of the Tachyon Healing Chamber.  Each session left me feeling completely relaxed and calm. One of the main benefits I felt after the sessions was increased energy and feeling of well being. Definitely something I will be enjoying again in the future. 

Kelyne, Paraparaumu

After having replacement knee surgery on my right knee, it would start aching when it was laid flat and stationary. It would wake me while sleeping and I would have to bend my knee to relieve it. After 2 sessions in the tachyon chamber, there was a great improvement and I don't wake at night with the ache anymore.

Kevin, Lower Hutt

It was wonderful to meet you at Taramis Healing. You were so welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. I loved experiencing the beneficial effects of the advanced tachyon chamber. I could definitely feel and hear the high frequency energy that enveloped me during the healing session. After the session, I felt a deep sense of calmness and groundedness, as if only the present moment was important. It was as if I was living in the Zero Point for at least 1 week after I visited you. I would definitely consider going back and recommending to other people.

Dr David Weller, Director of NatuneHeal, Holistic Wellness & BioEnergy Therapy Centre, Wellington

Thank you for the opportunity of an amazing experience. I went in open to whatever was going to happen but could not have ever imagined what did. It's truly something special, I would say magical in its truest wisdom. 

I felt so heavy when I got back to work could hardly lift my arms and legs but guess I asked to feel connected... felt planted in the ground. However, remembered what you said and drank water and came right. Wow, what will the next session bring?

Anne, Paekakariki

Hidden gem in the middle of suburbia, you find yourself transported away from it all. I was amazed when I could feel the process starting straight away when the door closed. Totally relaxed after my first session and my sore shoulder that had been plaguing me for months stopped hurting (it popped three times while laying still in the session!). Only thing that has worked, already planning my next session. 

Anoushka, Auckland

In the chamber the energy went up and down first. It stopped at every place that I have an issue with and paused there. I felt as if a machine was scanning me from top to bottom starting from the frontal lobe. At one point the energy went a lot deeper and in one direction as if it was reaching every organ. Then I had an emotional experience with my mother present there. I saw myself as a child. As soon as I got up, I noticed that I had a lot less pain in my knees. When I went back to my car, I noticed a significant change which has lasted the whole time since then. Even my hip feels better.

In the second session I felt my brain being worked on. It had to do with the accident I had when I was pregnant with my first daughter. All the chakras got checked and there was a blockage with my throat chakra. I had to cough. Lots of work on my heart. Emotional stuff came up but my body wasn’t scanned this time.

The energy was different this time. I felt like I wasn’t really there at the end. It was wonderful as I was totally relaxed this time.

Monika, Paraparaumu


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